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Academic Tuition

At Marvellous Minds we encourage students to have fun as a part of their education, adapting all of our sessions and activities to meet their abilities and interests to make learning a positive experience.

We recognise that for many students, a traditional school environment might not be right for them or may not provide them with the support they need to truly unlock their potential. Our experienced tutors are here to make learning accessible and engaging for our students, using their years of experience to create an environment where every child feels ready to learn.

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English can be an intimidating subject for many students; it is a notoriously hard language and often has contradictory rules that children can find hard to grasp. At Marvellous Minds, our aim is to make language learning fun and interactive. Our tutors have years of experience in helping students to develop their understanding of the language, as well as specific exam techniques to support students at GCSE and A Level.

English Tutors

Our English Tutors focus on instilling key skills such as spelling, punctuation and grammar, comprehension, and writing. Our unique learning materials developed in-house by our team of tutors guide students through topics on the national curriculum and stretch their learning to go beyond what they focus on at school. Using a range of fun and interactive teaching methods our enthusiastic tutors help students feel more confident at school and succeed in any upcoming exams.

Private English Lessons

Our English lessons are fun and interactive, designed to enthuse students about all aspects of English. For our primary school students learning is centred around building key skills in all of the core areas of the National Curriculum and students are encouraged to read widely to build those all important language skills. In many of our English lessons we also teach Creative Writing, using various fun and exciting writing prompts which help students develop their writing skills and have fun with writing!

For our secondary school students, we also focus on teaching the analytical skills needed for reading a wide range of texts, whether 19th century texts, poetry or a Shakespeare play. Our English tutors are well versed in the different exam boards at GCSE and A level and know the requirements and what is needed to do well in these important exams.

Our small class sizes allow us to tailor the work to suit a student's individual learning level and needs. We can focus on any aspect a student finds challenging, building the skills and confidence needed to do well in English.



In our experience, maths is a subject many students struggle with. There are a number of reasons why a child might find maths difficult. Sometimes it is because of a learning difficulty such as dyspraxia or dyscalculia and other times it might stem from low motivation or confidence, a difficulty in contextualising maths problems or a lack of the basics needed to solve mathematical operations. Whatever the reason may be, our tutors have years of experience in helping students build the necessary skills and confidence to enjoy and do well in maths!

Maths Tutors

Using our own teaching resources developed by our team of maths specialists, our maths tuition is fully aligned with the national curriculum and meets requirements of entrance exams such as the 11 plus. Our small classes and individualised teaching approach offer students the opportunity to learn at their own pace, whilst our maths tutors use a multi-sensory approach including verbal explanations, on the board explanations, and various teaching prompts such as clocks, counters, number lines and flash cards to support all types of learners.

Maths Resources

The teaching resources we use are fun and interactive and students are given booklets to take home for homework, should they want it. The work gets marked and feedback is given in the next lesson to ensure that the topic taught is consolidated.

Some key primary topics include; the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), algebra, angles, shape, space and measure and roman numerals.

At secondary level some key topics covered are algebra, probability and statistics.

Our maths tutors are also familiar with the different exam boards at GCSE and A level and will work through past papers with students in our GCSE and A level courses to teach maths exam techniques, in addition to the theoretical concepts, and show students how to achieve top marks in the exam.

Private Maths Tuition

Many students who seek support in maths lack confidence in their abilities. Our friendly team of maths tutors work with each child to help build their confidence by covering basics from which to further build upon and going through concepts as many times as needed for the student. Our private maths learners thrive in our supported learning environment and are able to meet their learning needs, whether that is to feel more confident at school or get the best grades in upcoming exams.

We would recommend giving us a call to discuss your child's private maths learning needs and how we can help. We also offer a free assessment with feedback (for primary school students) or a trial lesson (for secondary school students) which allows a student to get a feel for the teaching and structure of the maths lesson.



Our science tutors offer Biology, Chemistry and Physics tuition to help improve confidence and grades. Covering key topics on the national curriculum as well as exam technique practice, students who attend our science classes are equipped with a solid scientific knowledge.

Our Marvellous Minds learning method includes a combination of theoretical topics covered in class as well as exam technique practice to apply the skills learnt. We find that this ensures that students are given the right support to become effective learners.

Science Tutors

Our science tutors are engaging in their teaching approach and cover topics in a dynamic way. For example, a lesson on the structure of cells might start with looking at images of cells and a group discussion on what cells are, where they can be found, and the history behind the discovery of cells. Students may work in pairs to begin to explore cell theory, using images to reignite their understanding of cell structure. Here students will learn that all living things are made of cells and be given cards with items to categorise as being something that is living or something that is not living.

Students will be given material to read and watch to further deepen their understanding of cell theory and the associated scientists, before being given the opportunity to assess and prove mastery of the concepts they have learnt. The assessment might come in the form of worksheets with multiple answers as well as open-ended questions to really help students understand and show off their understanding of the topics learnt.

Science Lessons

Our science lessons help students with process-oriented, exploratory work expected for younger year groups as well as a more conceptualised approach to science. We want to ensure that our science lessons offer plenty of opportunity for a student-centred and active learning experience.

At every stage of the science lessons at Marvellous Minds Tuition Centre, our Science tutors are on hand to help students engage with and understand the science topics learnt. Our small classes offer the perfect balance between individual attention from the science tutor and group discussion and interaction with other students. This individualised approach means that we can cover specific areas that students need help with or even look beyond the curriculum for a certain year group for those students who need to be challenged and stretched academically.


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With extensive experience of helping children gain a place at their selective school of choice, we offer a full 11 Plus preparation programme suitable for children in year 4 and year 5.

100% of our 11 Plus students have been accepted into their chosen schools.

11 Plus Course

We cover English, Maths, Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning in our popular 11 Plus course and have expert knowledge into the differences between providers such as CEM, GL or ISEB.

We recommend that children start their 11 Plus preparation at least 12 months before their exams, as we do not believe in "hothousing", however many choose to start earlier. Our tutors are well versed in the different requirements for the 11 Plus, whether for grammar, private or state schools. Our teaching materials are developed to suit the selective schools in your area.

"Marvellous Minds is amazing, fun and educational. It has helped me to improve a lot and the tutors are really nice. I would rate Marvellous Minds with 5 stars!" (Umaayah, aged 11)

11 Plus Mock Exams

We understand preparing for the 11 Plus can bring stress to families and we want to try and reduce that stress as much as possible. Our classes incorporate regular mock exams and exam technique practice so that your child is equipped with the skills and confidence to perform well in the 11 Plus. We are also always happy to offer advice to parents on navigating the 11 Plus process.

11 Plus Tuition

Our small group tuition means that students receive extensive one-to-one support from their tutor while enjoying benefits of interacting with like-minded peers. Our 11 Plus course focuses on the topics across all 11 Plus subjects that will feature in the exam, as well as exam technique which we find is a key skill for students to have in order to do well in the 11 Plus exam.

To help students perfect their exam technique we offer regular mock exams with feedback. Our mock exams will give students an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the sort of questions that will come up in the exams and they also get a sense of what the exam experience will be like on the day, mainly the experience of sitting an exam in a timed condition. We also offer a fun and intense 11 Plus revision course over the summer holiday period which covers all of the key 11 Plus topics as well as daily mock exams with marks and detailed feedback from the tutors.

As students preparing for the 11 Plus are expected to cover topics beyond their year group and work at a high academic standard, the course will not be suited to everyone. To ensure that students can get the most appropriate support and make the most of their tuition, we recommend an initial assessment so that we can ascertain their level and recommend the best course of action. We are always happy to discuss a student's specific requirements, academic goals and the support that we can offer so to find out more about our 11 Plus course or to book in for an initial assessment do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Aylesbury Grammar School

  • Aylesbury High School

  • Bedford Modern School

  • Bedford Girls’ School

  • Bedford School

  • Kimbolton School

  • Rushmoor School

  • St Andrews School



The number of students and families choosing homeschooling in the UK has risen by nearly 40% in the last three years. At Marvellous Minds we offer a bespoke home schooling programme to meet your child's individual learning needs.

Why Choose Us for Homeschooling?

Here at Marvellous Minds Tuition Centres, we offer a unique home schooling programme that is flexible and tailored to each student. Our clients have the option of blending our monthly after-school memberships with private one-one tuition at our centre, or in some instances our small daytime homeschooling groups, for any subject required.

Our students receive the social and academic benefits of learning in a school-like environment, however, our class sizes are far smaller, students receive one-on-one support, individualised learning and our tutors are far more accessible.

Our centres are bright, friendly and often less intimidating to students that may not be ideally suited to traditional schooling.

When and where do the homeschooling lessons take place?

We usually recommend a mix of private tuition and class lessons for homeschooling students at our centre. Private tuition is entirely flexible and tends to take place in the morning/daytime during the week. Our class lessons follow our usual timetable, so take place in the afternoon/evening and on weekends.

The suggested schedule is entirely flexible depending on the needs and aims of the student. Some students tend to ease themselves into a regular timetable when starting with us, slowly increasing their hours over time.

Once we have established a student's level in a certain subject, and discussed their academic goals and plans for further study, we will suggest a timetable. We can also make further adjustments based on the tutor's suggestions and the student's progression in a certain subject once the tuition is underway.

There is regular homework set in all of the subjects studied, and tutor's will review completed homework and help students where necessary.

Term Dates

We tend to follow the National Academic Calendar for our home school students, particularly for students aiming to re-enter mainstream schooling. However, this is flexible and up to your own discretion if you would like to continue lessons throughout holiday periods.

private tuition

Private Tuition

While most of the tuition we provide is small group based due to the many benefits of small class based learning, we appreciate that some students do better with one-to-one support. As such we also offer private tuition for students who prefer this learning approach.

Private Tutors

Our private tutors are specialists in their teaching field and can offer tuition in any subject at any educational level, helping students prepare for exams such as the 11plus, GCSEs and A levels as well as university admission tests like the UKCAT, BMAT and LNAT.

The private tuition tutors we work with have outstanding academic backgrounds and teaching experience alongside the ability to build a great rapport with their students. The private tuition support is individually tailored and targeted to help students boost their skills and confidence and reach their academic goals. All our tutors are DBS checked and receive safeguarding and first aid training.

We take great care when matching a student with one of our private tutors ensuring the tutor's educational background, specialist teaching field and teaching style is a suitable match for the student.

Our private tuition takes place at our tuition centre and we ensure the private tuition we offer is scheduled to suit a student's timetable, offering daytime, evening and weekend classes.

Working with one of our private tutors means students can learn at a pace that is suitable for them. Our tutors are able to cover a lot of material in a short space of time and they are often able to help a student get to the level they need to be at very quickly. For those students who have missed out on school or need to recap topics our private tutors are able to go through the content methodically to ensure each student catches up and becomes comfortable and confident with the material covered.

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